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What are Big Bags and What are Its Uses:

Summary: A medium-sized flexible container or big bag, is an industrial container made of flexible fabric designed to store and transport dry, non-slip products, such as sand, fertilizer, and plastic graphs. or by lifting it from the loop. Bags are made in either one, two or four lifting loops. The one-man bag is perfect for one-man operation as there is no need for a second man to install traps in this loading case. Extraction is made easier by opening a special bottom such as the output extractor, which has many options, or by simply cutting it open.


When shipping and loading the big bags is made on pallets or by lifting it from the loop. Depending on the style of the bag this can be done by one person or it can take two. Removing the bags is easy, you can use a special drawer or simply cut it open. Businesses around the world have no shortage of content and postings, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find all the options. The Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers Association or FIBC is an alliance dedicated to maintaining the highest standards, products, and applications of FIBCs. From fine grains, chemicals, and minerals to pharmaceuticals and concentrated liquids, FIBCs answer industrial calls that require more than large boxes and tank vehicles that do not meet the accuracy or minimum load requirements.

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Big Bags and Types:

A flexible medium-sized container or big bags is an industrial container made of flexible fabric designed to store and transport dry and portable products.

There are four types of large bags,

  1. Circle — This is considered to be the lowest level of bulk bags. They are made to loom like a tube and will not retain their shape when loaded. It usually comes out when the weight is applied, and the product will stretch the fabric when it is under pressure.
  2. U-Panel- This is a single step from a circular bag and is made when sewing two pieces of U-shaped fabric into a bag. Maintains square shape when loaded.
  3. Panel Eline- This bag is made up of four pieces of fabric that form the sides and one at the bottom. They are all stitched together and are designed to withstand certain strains and hold the tube structure much better than other types.
  4. Baffle- This bag is a great way to keep your product key up when loaded. The reason is that there are more fabrics sewn into each corner to help the bag maintain its shape. These bags are the easiest to stack.

Uses of Big bags:

The use of big bags has increased over the past several years because of the benefits they have over other containers such as solid IBC, paper bags, and fiber, plastic, or metal drums. Employees may be exposed to injuries when delivering bulk items in bags and drums. When using large bags they need the use of means of transportation such as forklift, pallet jack, our house, this means less movement by workers and improved safety for them. Conservation Expenses can be reduced when using more funds. If you compare the price of storing and lifting one bag in bulk with the lifting, opening, disposing and disposing of 40 paper bags you can easily see the difference in cost.


FIBC funds are very important for industrial use and transport. These funds are very important in the transportation and supply of building materials. Comsyn produces big bags at very expensive prices.

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